Privacy Policy

CityOn is an integrated information system and mobile app owned by Crowdpolicy Private capital company in which registered users, verified via their mobile phone, email, or by social media submit not personal or private data to the internet and Cityon server.

CityOn offers also its visitors/users the opportunity to take part in polls on current affairs, which take the form of questions. Answers submitted to poll questions are documented, analysed and commented in order to generate conclusions with reference to expressions of public opinion on the poll subject.

CityOn collects from verified users by default their Full Name and Email. The users later have the ability to add (one or more) home address , their Contact Phone and select the City of their choosing. None of these data are shared with third parties or used to identify the users. All of the information that the users have provided and therefore their data can be deleted permanently through the app by choosing “Delete Account” in the settings area of CityOn.

The entire content of cityon and crowdpolicy company websites and platforms including, without limitation but not limited to, text, news, graphics, photographs, diagrams, illustrations, services and generally all types of files are the subject of intellectual property and governed by national, European and international provisions on Intellectual Property, with the exception of the expressly recognised rights of third parties. Therefore, the reproduction, republication, copying, storage, sale, transmission, distribution, adoption, implementation, download, translation and modification of any part of the website in any way is expressly prohibited without the express prior written consent of the Beneficiary. Third party registered marks and names contained in Cityon mobile app are registered trademarks and protected by the abovementioned Intellectual Property provisions. Privacy Policy

You can find our Privacy Policy and Terms of use here https://www.crowdpolicy.com/terms-of-use-privacy-cookies-policy/